~Poppin’ Macaroni~

It was during an assessment on culinary and our teachers and assessors are watching what we’re doing. The time was limited so, in a hurry, I tried opening a packaged macaroni by hand because I didn’t see any scissors nearby or because some of my classmates are using it. Opening so hard…pop! A few macaronis came out like fireworks. I quickly grabbed them and put it on my station. I knew one teacher who was observing me gettin’ that uncooked pasta. Checking to see if I’m doing it right. After that thing happened it felt like he’s glaring hot eyes behind my back, or judging whether I live or die.

~Mystery Scars~

You know those tiny scars you get from out of nowhere and wonder how you got ’em?

~Tang Tongue Friend~

I have this addiction of licking a spoonful of Tang (powdered orange juice drink). I always thought I’m the only one who does this…until I saw my best friend doing it, too.

tang tongue friend
Friendship, yeah!

~What do you call a fear of touching cold metal door handles?~

Where I work we bring food on a metal trolley all day in an entire super air conditioned building. And of course the elevators are metal and the handles of the doors are also metal and so we have to use ’em all by haaand. Cold + metal = SPARKS!


From that moment on I slowly reach for the cold touch of such metal objects.

~I Shouldn’t Be Alive~

I remember when I was in high school I went home on a rainy day and wore a cheap pair of black shoes. There was a flood that is ankle deep and dunno where or what to step on. Well I did step onto something. Something sharp. I rushed immediately to the house and checked what it was. I was shocked cuz there was a small nail. Luckily it didn’t went through.

~Food is Lonely~


You know sometimes the food you’re eating is not happy to eat? I know we should be grateful of having food but sometimes it’s just not fun. Especially if you’re on break from work. If food is bad then you should feel bad.