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June 2016

School Trip & The Lucky Kid

Once upon a time, when I was in Grade 6, we had a school trip to a zoo and a soda factory.



 We suppose to take pictures with animals and write information about them for our Science project. My friend warned me about the zoo’s smell (because it was my first time) and she was right. Like, first step at the entrance and the zoo’s odor welcomed me. Took a few pics because a lot of crowd on some animals that my schoolmates like to pose with and I was like “Ugh! Hurry up!”.

Oh…and there was a mini museum. It has really nice swords.  pirate-sword




Our next adventure. Just walking along and observing. I was quiet the whole time while the others go “Ooo” and “Aaa. One particular girl (that I don’t like) had a friend there from church who works there and…yep. Anyway after the tour we were given complimentary snacks.


We were all so happy. But a boy got lucky. He got a big box of chips and I was like…


We got, like, three, and he gets a whole freaking box?! That’s unfair right there. But he didn’t kept it all to himself. Some of his bros asked for one so he gave them.

The End


Laughed so hard I almost died

Seriously, like, I couldn’t breath and my chest hurt but I was alright. Third best laugh of my life. I was all inhaling and no exhaling and I told my sis “stop HAHAHA the HAHAHA VIDEO!”. Yeah…we were watching a stand up comedy. I have a fave comedian now 😆


While the vid was paused I had a moment of calming down and thinking of dark and sad thoughts. And then back to laughing yay!

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