Once upon a time, during my workdays in a play center, I met a girl I never seen before. She was okay and speaking the English. After a while, one of my coworkers asked me “You know who that is?”. All I know was her name so I told him that. He asked again “Ya really don’t know who that is?”. My manager and another coworker are nearby so I looked at them in confusion and said “Why? Who is she? What’s going on?”. They worked here for a long time before me so they know something I don’t know. After a few seconds he finally told me “The owners of this here play center…that’s their child.”. I was a little surprised…and scared at the same time. But inside I was like this…


Afterwards I didn’t care. Like I’m gonna give her a special treatment. But the thought of her being the owners’ daughter is enough for me to be careful when interacting with her. Da end.