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July 2015



Yuck. Don’t people ever clean their screens? What if someone wants to borrow it? Sheesh. At least clean it once a week or so. Just the sight of it makes me think “Oh man. What if he/she didn’t clean their hands before using it?”.




How the heck do you type? Need I remind you that you’re not suppose to remove keys from their fucking board! Ano ba ginagawa mo? Computer rage?



I see you have a tilted charger tip. Very nice. What did you do to it? Using it as a house tool? No charger means no power, dude. Good luck having an internet-free life.

All these is about a laptop I saw. How the heck people take care of it? Do they know that it’s expensive?


My Birthday Celebration at Hamada (July 16, 2015)


Yey! It’s my day! I’m 21 now but I don’t look like it. Anyways we celebrate my birthday in a Japanese restaurant. My favorite, as usual, is maki. My big brother brought along cake too (with my Facebook name instead of my nickname). Here are the pictures!

That’s me in the pink shirt!
I’m gonna kill this cake…
Cake maki
My sister-in-law and nephew
There’s the Hamada right there

One of those

Some people just want some people mad. Example: You know the ones that you ask if they want to watch a movie you like and they agreed to it and during the time you check to see if they’re watching but they’re not? Just when you get so excited and all is fine with the world but all of a sudden you got angry. So angry that the world inside you tumbles into infernal chaos because the person is not frigging watching all this time! It makes you wanna go…

INSIDE_OUT_Get_to_know_your_emotions_Anger_2015_Pixar_Animated_Movie_HD (1)

I mean the person didn’t even finish the whole thing. But of course being a good-hearted person you must…


Good luck keeping your negative emotions from eating inside of you. It’s hard to control you know. Same thing when it comes to crying.

The Silent Killer Fart

Beware. It was during my OJT. Me and my friends had nothing to do so we sit around and talk. Because my friend had a fart ringtone he decided to talk about farts. Nice. You know why there’re some farts that are loud, stinky, quiet, has no stink, etc. Well this fart is special. Most people will know someone farted because they made a sound and will immediately cover their noses. But this one stealthily comes out like a ninja and is released into the wild to victimize the unknown. Then you be dead in a few seconds. That’s how strong it is. It’s always the quiet ones. One whiff and you go…


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